Work as a Process

Philipp Goldbach

During our workshop, rather than focusing on the oeuvre as a result, we will focus on the individual working process. At the end of the week, the production process itself will become the object of an exhibition. Regardless of the type of art or preferred media, the participants are invited to come together to examine their artistic work process, their tools, and their methods. The goal will be to find a scenical form of showcasing this process. The presentation can take a visual or verbal form, it can be analytical, matter-of-fact, in a humorous, fantastical, exuberant, documentary or performative way. These presentations will be shown in a pop-up exhibition at the end of the week.

Each participant is invited to bring a current work – a work in progress, a project or a concept – that will be used as a starting point for this an alternative view on their own production process.