Alexandra Bircken

We dress in webs, they protect and decorate us and they function as a kind of second skin. Webs are inextricably linked to the cultural development of mankind. Threading fibers to get a compound is a basic cultural achievement.

Alexandra Bircken’s work shows her strong connection to webs of any kind. During the workshop the participants will work on a web which will be the final result of the week. It is important to note that the word ‚web‘ can have many different meanings to different people and we won’t make any restrictions on your interpretation of a web. Its meaning is certainly not reduced to that of a textile – all materials and medias are possible. The interpretation of the idea of a ‚web‘ can even extend to intangible or technical webs like the World Wide Web or biological webs like the fascia.

The work presented at the end of the workshop can take the form of a drawing on paper, a painting, a photography, or even something sculptural.

Definition of the word ‚web‘: A web is a concatenation of equal or similar elements making a homogeneous connection.