Time-based Media

Andreas Korte

Andreas Korte will lead a workshop on historic developments, production methods and the particularities of exhibition making within the context of time-based media art. It is aimed at artists as well as curators who have an interest in this field.

Recent technological developments mean that professional standard equipment is now widely available at a relatively low cost – a situation that has fundamentally changed the economics of production.  The moving image has become one of the most dominant forms of self-expression, disrupting and transforming the ways in which we think about, and communicate with each other.  New technologies have become increasingly central to artistic practice, with contemporary artists making work that spans film, video and VR.  Likewise, curators are having to develop new presentation methods that are not only synchronized with artists’ visions, but also meet the rapidly changing expectations of their audience.

In the first part of the workshop students will have the opportunity to present their own projects, and gain insights into the different stages from initial planning to actual production.  In the second, they will discuss exhibitions and exhibition making, with a focus on current curatorial approaches. Lastly, they will develop a group show, encompassing both new and existing projects, which will then be installed in an art space in St. Moritz.