Carmen Strzelecki

‘HOW TO … make (Art)Books’ is about the basics of the practical and creative process of making artbooks: From conception to production, up until publication and distribution.

During a first part of the workshop we are working on the possibilities and basics of transforming an own, individual art project into a book or a catalogue. Carmen Strzelecki will show us the basics of design from scratch (media, typography etc.) and further options of publications besides the classic art book. We try to find answers to questions such as: What are the design options which corresponds to my individual requirements? Why is the art book an important reference? For this part we are going to work digitally.

In the second part of the workshop the participants will work on a unique copy of an artist’s book (‘Journal Intime’), focussing on the individual iconography of the alpine landscape. We will be working on questions such as: Do ideas like ‘natural beauty’ and ‘illuminated nature’ still work in our postmodernistic feelings? Are the alps a symbol for conquest or contemplation? The ‘journal intime’ will be made of found objects and materials with different kinds of media such as collage, drawing, painting etc.