Great Events from Little Causes

Daniele Buetti

Alice bends a bow, shoots the arrow, runs to where it hit and draws the bull´s eye of a target around it. Bryan cuts out the eyes from a photo of his mother and sticks them onto a saving box. Charles is staggering whether to wear Saddam Hussein´s undershirt or not….The ancient vision of the magic impact of images and it´s inherent hazard has educed idolatry, and, in return, the ban on images.

Participants should bring: private items, images, letters, texts, photos of their parents, siblings, beloved cats, dogs, canaries and sweet liitle kids; catalogues of department stores, lexica, charts, teaching materials, popular scientific books, illustrations from the late 19th century, discounter´s sales leaflets, Vogue, anglers´ magazines etc. etc…