Curatorial practice: Process as work

Verena Kaspar-Eisert

This workshop gives an inside view in the field of work of a curator. It will include instructions about the theoretical and practical approach that are substantial for creating and managing an exhibition.

We will visit exhibitions and art works in the St. Moritz region and discuss their social and cultural impact concentrating on the the different perceptions of a piece of art if it is seen in a museum, a commercial art gallery, an off-space, a public space or in a private collection. Different spaces claim for different approaches of the curator planning an exhibition.

An important part of the curatorial work is organization. During  the workshop you will get advice to the practical side of exhibition management as: Budgeting, transport, insurance and setting up the work. We are also watching closer at Marketing and PR.

Together with the artists participating the workshop of Philipp Goldbach we will create a pop-up exhibition in a hotel in St. Moritz. For the curatorial notes we have to be in close contact with the artists learning about their work and their work process.