Abstraction and Fiction

Bernd Ribbeck

Abstract paintings seem to come as testimonies of their own world. The workshop participants are invited to place their work in this imaginary alternative world. How would the work change in a world with a color spectrum different from ours? Complementary, perhaps, to the spectrum we are used to: a spectrum in which our planet is in fact blue and different shades of blue are the only colors we could perceive?

The workshop is intended to be an invitation to enter the field of abstraction in its totality: From a single brush stroke to complete imaginary worlds.

Over the course of the workshop we will intensively engage with the possibilities of abstraction (in 2D): We will work with reduction, with simplifying and reducing reality as it is perceived.  Finally, we will also work towards process oriented pictorial work in which gesture, colors, and traces will be the main actors in the abstract space.